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Los Angeles Lakers Acquisition of Dwight Howard Not Good News for Phoenix Suns | Roster Moves

The biggest question during the NBA offseason wasn't about where a certain free agent would end up signing, but what uniform Dwight Howard was going to end up wearing come next season. Early on, it appeared as thought the Nets were the heavy favorites, but a blockbuster deal fell through and the Magic were back at square one of having to deal with their disgruntled superstar.

There were whispers last week that Howard was set to join the Lakers in Los Angeles. Of course this wasn't a new development so I was included on the long list of those who were skeptical of a trade getting done, but this time around it came true and Howard joins up with Kobe Bryant in LA to form a dream team that might be the favorite to win the whole thing next season.

Immediately after I saw the breaking news on Twitter, I was upset for a number of different reasons.

I was upset for the Lakers for being so well ran as an organization, which is a far cry from how the Suns have been ran over the last several years. I was mad at David Stern for allowing this trade to go through and I was mad at Bryant because he is on the verge of getting his six championship, which would tie Michael Jordan. If that happens, we will have to hear how Kobe is the greatest ever from many Lakers fans.

The worst thing about Howard landing in LA is the move really hurts the Suns. Sure, the Suns had little chance of competing against the Lakers this season even if this move would have never went down, but with Phoenix getting LA's first rounder this year because of the Steve Nash deal, this all but guarantees that the pick will come very late in the first round.

At that stage of the draft, it is very difficult to get a quality player that will contribute to your team immediately. Of course there are exceptions to that rule and the Spurs have been an testament to that over the last several drafts, but the Suns are nowhere close to them as far as putting quality drafts together.

With the draft more than 10 months away, it is really hard to predict who exactly will be available at the end of the first round. We have no idea who will and won't be in the draft come next June. If they do end up holding onto that pick, they will more than likely have to make a choice between a European player who they can keep overseas for a couple years or a four-year college player with little upside.

For an organization that is in rebuilding mode and looking to improve the roster in any way possible, picking late in a draft that probably won't be as good as this past year's, won't excite a lot of Suns fans. It certainly doesn't send a tingle down my leg.

Throughout their history, the Lakers have been a bully to the Suns. They have beaten them up numerous of times both on and off the basketball court over the years. Unfortunately, that continues to be the case this offseason with the Lakers acquisition of the game's best big man.